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TimeTrix is a web-based time tracking system. Your company staff can from ordinary web browsers, register and survey times spend on different project activities besides extracting invoice- and salary-basis. Time registration is fast and easy to do, thanks to the intelligent default settings of chosen week, project activity and time type. TimeTrix has a registration status handling, to secure that all involved activity practician is ready with their time registrations before invoicing take place. All TimeTrix meta data is accessible from administration web pages and nothing needs to be inserted with SQL commands. Time registrable project activities are configurable for each activity practician and with individual time periods. Entry fields in the administration web pages are write protected if the user doesn't have the right permissions. Please read a more detailed description of the TimeTrix functionality in the user guide.

TimeTrix has multi language support including text, date format, first day of week and red days in week.

Existing translations are:

If you are using another language and your computer is supporting this language, weekday names, month names, date formation and first day of week will be according to this language but all other texts will be in English. Please read the system guide about how to add you own translation.

TimeTrix runs on JBoss application server and is using Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and Java Server Pages (JSP). TimeTrix is developed with JBoss Eclipse IDE, xDoclet and Struts. TimeTrix is tested on MySQL. TimeTrix is an open source project, distributed under the Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1) and free to download. The first version of TimeTrix was taken in to operation the first January 2006 by the Castrix company.


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